Chef Shayna with her daughters 2016

My goal, in working with kids in the kitchen at Young Chefs Academy, is to teach families the JOY & VALUE of cooking by taking the fear & mystery out of the process. Ultimately I strive to make Real Food for Real People.


Shayna Telesmanic is the owner and director of Young Chefs Academy in Fresno, CA. For the past 6 years she has been teaching children ages 2-17 during weekly cooking classes, special workshops, school field trips and community events. At YCA, she also hosts hands on Cooking birthday parties, field trips, moms groups and Summer Camps. 

Shayna believes it is important to get children involved in the kitchen to help with food preparation to build their excitement around food. When a child helps to make a meal or dish they are more inclined to eat it. She loves seeing kids try new foods and enjoy it. 

Most recently, she has been offering Adult Classes both accredited & classes for fun for those "young at heart." Shayna recognizes that mom's and families are very busy and strives to show how to make it easy and attainable for families to get together in the kitchen around Food. She offers monthly Freezer Meals Workshops for Busy Ladies, hosts Adult Cooking Parties, and is launching a Nights of Nourishment series of classes.

Shayna is featured on ABC30 every Friday morning & afternoon. She has also appeared on KSEE24 and Fox KMPH in Fresno during regular cooking segments. Her goal is simplify the food preparation & presentation process to take the fear & mystery out of cooking.

You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces- just good food from fresh ingredients
— Julia Child

Shayna graduated from the University of Southern California. She has studied food around the world and has a passion for nutrition and integrating healthy habits into her family's life. She has cooking in the blood. She spent much of her childhood at her mom's Italian restaurant and both her uncle & grandfather were chefs.

Along with staying busy in the kitchen, Shayna is mom to 4 year old daughter, "A" and 1 year old "Baby C". She resides in Clovis, California with husband, Chris, and dogs Dexter & Cooper. She loves spending time at home with her daughters while also running a small business in Fresno, CA. When she is not working, Shayna loves to run, bike, travel, and shop for more inspirations. She is a volunteer with the Junior League of Fresno where she has chaired several committees & loves to give back to her community.