Charleston, SC

A coastal city in South East South Carolina known for it's charm and southern hospitality. It has deep historical roots as Fort Sullivan is the location of the first victory in the Revolutionary War and Fort Sumter is the location of the start of the Civil War (1860). The oldest museum in the nation is also located here. The architecture and homes are elegant and charming, you could spend the day just wondering the streets admiring the houses. The surrounding beach towns boast a laid back, tropical feel. Along with taking in the historical sites, a shopper could get into serious trouble as the boutiques are some of the best I’ve seen. To provide fuel after long days of walking, you don’t have to search for a bite to eat, coffee shop, or cocktail for long because the culinary scene has exploded. There is never enough time to try all the places on my list. Hope ya’ll have a moment to check out the recap of my favorites places to dine, shop, and play and enjoy your visit to Charleston.


Dining & Libations

Charleston has quite the foodie scene. It is a combination of low country fare mixed with modern cuisine. I made it my mission to eat as many places as possible and enjoyed every bite. Charleston also has a few unique bars that you have to check out.



Kings Street is Charleston's main shopping attraction with a mix of both big name retailers and small mom and pop shops. You can spend an entire day or 2 just shopping here. The City Market is one of the nation's oldest markets.



There are so many things to see in Charleston and a little fun for everyone.