Weekly Meal Plan: April Week 1


I get it, getting dinner on the table is H-A-R-D. I do it for a living and I still struggle with it from time to time. I too get tired of thinking about what to make, getting together the market list, going to the store, unpacking it, cooking it, cleaning it, etc... It takes A LOT of time. But my friends, I have to tell you the time is WORTH IT. There are so many reasons why it is worth it. My family and my health is the biggest priority. I have peace of mind knowing that my family is being nourished properly, that we are saving money because we are not eating out, that we can still have our time together at night to gather around the table and share about our day.

It is worth it but it is hard but most things worth having are hard. I have much more success planning for the entire week because I would much rather plan it out 1 time, than think about it every day. That way when I am asked, which it is inevitable that I will be asked, “What’s for dinner?” I do not snap back because I know, exactly what’s for dinner. That way, when I’m in the middle of my mom taxi shift, I don’t go in to panic mode and pull off at the nearest take out restaurant because I’m too tired to even think about what to make let alone actually make it.

I also like to prep ahead when possible. For example, If I’m going to be using onions throughout the week, I will cut them once and store in an air tight container so that I can pull them out and start cooking rather than chop, cry, clean, every night.

I’m often asked to share my weekly meal plans but I have never been satisfied with how they look. I’m so visual I want to put it all together in a pretty package for your viewing pleasure. But my friend, I am sharing today because I was recently hit smack dab in the forehead by a profound quote, “Imperfect action beat perfect inaction, every, single time.” So this is a work in progress, I will strive to share weekly, and improve it as I go. I am asking for your feedback. What would you like to see? What would be helpful for you? What information do you need to help you get dinner on the table?

I of course am a huge fan of prepping meals together as a community which is why I started Supper Club but since we can’t always get together to prep and as of now, I only host the workshop once a month, I am sharing what we are making and the link to a recipe below. I tend to make simple meals that will often include a veggie. Some meals my kids love and some they don’t love as much (like the stuffed zucchini) but I keep making it. I don’t make something else for them as well all eat the same thing. I do give them a voice, on Tuesday I will make a freezer meal and Lady A gets to decide which one we will be making. If I had to make bets, my guess is that it would be Chicken Noodle Soup because she often requests it. Wednesday we will cook together so they get to take part in the meal prep process. Thursday is a late night night so I again rely on the slow cooker and Friday we will celebrate the end of the week with a pizza party!

April week 1

Sunday: Spring Veggie Pasta (with Chicken)
Monday: Stuffed Zuchhini Boats over Polenta
Tuesday: Slow Cooker (Lady A’s choice)
Wednesday: Meatloaf & Whipped Cauliflower
Thursday: Slow Cooker pulled Pork over Sweet Potato
Friday: Fridge Dump Salad & Pizza
Saturday: Night out

Bon Appetit!