ToddlerTuesday- Valentine's Day Projects.

This week is a great week to work on a few DIY projects with your Little Ones. I have a few ideas for crafts, books, and food recipes that you can tackle each day and celebrate L-O-V-E together. Now that my daughter is 2, she understands the concepts of Holidays and special occasions a little more so we are have fun decorating and making treats for others.

Valentine's Day Books to read with your little ones and a great snack to make too!

First let's talk about a few great books to read together. I Love you Stinky Face is a great book to read all of the time. It has helped my daughter identify new animals and it is fun and silly. My husband deems this book "his" to read.

While "A" and I were enjoying some reading time at Barns & Noble, we found In My Heart- A Book of Feelings. This is an excellent book to read with your child to start the discussion about feelings and emotions. It does a fantastic job of describing each emotion in a way Little Ones can understand. Our family often makes references to the book throughout the day when talking about actions that make us happy or sad. The last book that is a fun quick read is I Love You Night and DayIt is a simple book that is great for bedtime.

I always enjoy making snacks to go with our special books. The first snack is our Heart Lollipops. We made these in my Big & Lil Chef Class and it was a big hit. If you have any mini candy canes left over from the Holidays, this will be a perfect way to put them to use. It is a good sensory and fine motor activity for your Little One as well.

You will need: Mini Candy Canes, Lollipop Sticks, White or Pink Chocolate, Ziplock Bag, & Sprinkles.

You will need: Mini Candy Canes, Lollipop Sticks, White or Pink Chocolate, Ziplock Bag, & Sprinkles.

Make your own Valentine's Day Lollipops! Tutorial on
Homemade Valentine's Day Lollipops to make with your kiddos. Tutorial on

Last year I also made a Mini Gumball Machine which makes a great teacher's gift. Recreate this at home:

Mini Gumball Machine Valentine's Day Gift-

One of my favorite things to do is find new ways to use old things. For this project I used clear ornaments I had in my Christmas storage bins. If you do not have extra ornaments lying around, you can purchase them here or at a craft store, such as Hobby Lobby. Plastic ornaments would be best for this craft. 

1. Fill the ornament with Mini Gumballs. You can any type of candy: Conversation hearts, M &M's.

2. Cut a whole in the bottom of a Paper Cup. I used pink cups from the Dollar Store.  I attached a cute Design that I found on a great blog: I Heart Naptime. You can also have your child decorate a blank envelope sticker to decorate the front of the cup.

3. Set the Ornament on the top of the cup

Stay tuned for our Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberry Recipe!