Back To School: Kid's Schedule & Watch review

Time to head back to school!

Time to head back to school!

At the beginning of every summer, I gladly welcome the end to all regularly scheduled activities,  a slower pace, and the freedom that comes with not having a set routine. Summer has been good to us, but now that it is coming to an end, I am once again starting to look forward to getting back into a regular routine. I am ready to get back to the structure and schedule which our days and weeks revolve around. 

Though the summer fosters freedom and spontaneity, I still took the opportunity to institute some new habits and expectations.  I decided to focus on morning and evening routines - which looked like this; each morning when the girls woke up, they had to make their beds, go potty, get dressed, and brush their teeth BEFORE coming to my room. Every night they had to brush their teeth, get on PJ's, put clothes away, and make sure the floors in their rooms were clean before getting stories and songs. I have been pleasantly surprised by their consistency. They have finally mastered these tasks so I think it is time to add some more responsibilities to their plates.

This week we are introducing the "Chore Chart." After taking to Instagram Stories to ask for your feedback, I have put together the list of chores each girl will be responsible for on top of their basic responsibilities.

Alexandria                                         Caroline
Gather trash cans                              Pick up "litter" in the house
Unload Dishwasher                           Unload utensils & match with like in drawer
Set the table: plates & water            Set table with napkins & utensils
Fold Towels                                       Fold Towels with sis

Watch for kids to help set a consistent routine.

To help keep the girls on schedule, the girls recently received the Octopus watch by JOY. They picked their favorite colors and have loved wearing a watch, "just like mom " does. The watch is very user and kid friendly. I downloaded the app and can control each girls' schedule from my phone. When the girls are wearing a watch it will send the girls gentle reminders, via a little vibration, as to what task they should be doing at any given time. For my older daughter, I have it set it up to require her to push the button to check that she has completed the task. I have programed in the morning reminders for getting ready for school as well as her weekly schedule for swim and dance practices. The watch also sends reminders for dinner time, time to clean up, do homework, take showers, and all bed time tasks. Along with recurring tasks, you can schedule in doctor and dentist appointments as they come up.

I love that this watch encourages them not only how to tell time but helps set a consistent routine that is easy for the girls to follow. It also makes it very exciting for the girls because they have a 'big kid' watch that rewards achievement. The best part is that I am not the one nagging, I mean, reminding them to complete each task everyday. 

Navigating the app is very easy. There are hundreds of icons available so that you can customize reminders to fit into your kiddos schedules. You can also purchase a charging station that doubles as a nightlight that you can schedule to turn off after a set time from when the watch is docked. I highly recommend the charging station. Part of the responsibility that each girl has is taking care of their watch by making sure that the watch is either on their wrist or on the docking station. I also suggest purchasing a watch face shield since the face is made out of plastic instead of glass and can scratch easily.

Octopus Watch for kids review.

If you are considering purchasing a watch for your kiddo you can head to their website and use code Chef_Shayna for 20% off your purchase. They watches are currently on sale so you will get a double discount so now could not be a better time to buy!

Octopus watch review