Avocado Toast, with a twist

Let kids take over the kitchen and make avocado toast. www.ChefShayna.com

It’s no secret that I love avocado toast, heck, the entire world loves avocado toast. There are 775K hashtags on instagram to prove it. I could eat it every day and never tire because the possibilities are endless. Right now I am on a pesto kick after discovering that my hubby is now eating it again. For the first 10 years of our relationship he was repulsed by pesto but has somehow come around. Maybe the delicious jar of green goodness from Costco has converted him back into a proper pesto loving Italian. Either way, I can usually never enjoy the toast without having to share it with Little Miss C. She has become a big fan and since she is on a kick of making me lunch, she wanted to make Avocado Toast....


Avocado toast is a great snack for adults and kids alike. It is both filling and nutrient dense to give you energy to get through the afternoon. it is a great snack for kids to make because you can’t really mess it up and requires little prep on the parents part.

I would suggest getting the toaster out and plugging it in. This is a great opportunity to talk to little ones about using heat to cook and to watch out for hot surfaces, like a toaster in use. Open the containers for younger kiddos (or ask older kids to open and close containers, heck they can even put it away afterwards), get out a spoon and fork, and cut the avocado in half and let the kiddos do the rest. They can “smoosh” the avocado out of the peel and use the back of a fork to “squish” it on to the toast. 

You can also talk about shopping for the ingredients. To know that an avocado is good to buy, it is still firm but slightly soft to the touch. If you pick out the stem and see green inside you know it’s good. If it is brown, it has already browned and shouldn’t be purchased. I also use every opportunity cooking with kids to talk about where food should be stored properly. You can keep avocados on the counter but after it is cut open, keep the pit inside and wrap it to keep the air out and store in the fridge.

Kids can cook! Toddler made Avocado Toast. See the video www.ChefShayna.com

Avocado Toast

2 slices bread, toasted
1 Avocado
Trader Joe's- Everything but the Bagel Seasoning
(optional: Lemon juice and micro greens) 

Toast your bread. Spread on a generous amount of Pesto. Use the back of a fork to "smoosh" half of the avocado onto each piece of toast. Sprinkle on seasoning and salt. "Did it!"

Get your kiddos to eat their food... let them make it. See the video www.ChefShayna.com