Cinco de Mayo Margaritas

This year Cinco de Mayo happens to fall on the same day as the Kentucky Derby so the amateur mixologist in me is at odds... Margaritas or Mint Juleps? So I propose we start the weekend off with Friday night Margaritas and go into Saturday sipping Mint Juleps before the race begins. Despite how it may seem, I actually do not drink all that often but this week has been a doozy and a weekend of celebrations is the perfect ending. First of all, see the baby picture down below, I can't believe this was 3 years ago and that my baby is no longer a baby. We celebrated Little Miss's 3rd birthday this week...

baby photo, caroline lily

Oh my, doesn't she look like a three-nager now?! She was born with a big personality but it has continued to blossom even more. She knows exactly how to light up the room, dazzle us all with her charm, and make us belly laugh even in the most stressful of moments. Her love for salad, sushi, morning "coffee" (steamed coconut milk, and taking her vitamins makes me giggle. She looks up to her sister and of course copies everything she says and does but also puts her own spin on it. She loves performing whether it be dancing in class or in front of any crowd she can find.

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Cinco de Mayo Margaritas

Okay, back to the subject at hand... Margaritas! I love watermelon so the first recipe is a simple drink to through together. Use your favorite flavor popsicle to float on top of the drink. The 2nd recipe is very refreshing, a perfect drink as the weather starts to warm up. In the past I have despised cilantro but over the past few years I have developed a taste for it. If you at all like cilantro you should love this drink.

Watermelon Pop
2 oz tequila
Seltzer water
Watermelon Popsicle
Chile Lime salt

Line rim of a glass with lime juice & chile lime salt. Mix ice, tequila, & jalapeño in shaker. Pour into glass and top with seltzer water. Add popsicle and garnish with jalapeño slices. 

Cilantro Cucumber Margarita
2 TB cilantro, chopped
1/4 cup Cucumber, diced
3 oz tequila
1 1/2 oz fresh lime juice
1 oz pure maple syrup or agave
1 cup ice

Muddle fresh cilantro & Cucumber in bottom of shaker. Add in ice, tequila, lime juice & syrup- shake to combine. Pour into cup filled with ice. You have the option to strain the veggies or include in the drink. Garnish & serve.

Whatever your weekend plans are, Cheers!