Art Canvas Challenge

Our Art Canvas challenge, inspired by the Art Pantry on

I know I usually share about cooking projects to work on with your kids so this is a slight twist. Last year Lady A started to show interest in art. Knowing they do not have a lot of time to focus on it at school, I made it my mission to cultivate an environment for creativity in our play room. At Christmas, ‘Santa’ brought an art desk and supplies and the playroom was transformed overnight. It’s incredible what Santa can do in a night with a lot of coffee, planning, and determination. Thanks to Santa, the art room was a big hit and the girls definitely worked on more projects but over the year her desk has started to fill with books and lego projects and she isn't painting as much as she would like to. She has asked to do the “paint project” again so I looked up pictures from last year and thought I would share them with you. Anything to help another mama beat the slow break boredom, right?

Last Thanksgiving break I set up an art project for my girls after reading some guidance from The Art Pantry blog and when they see the canvas hanging they ask to do it again. The project entails providing your kiddo a blank canvas and each day introducing a new medium for them to work with. So after several days you will have a masterpiece to hang on the wall. It helps to encourage working together, patience, planning, and is great screen free play. This year I picked up a few new colors of paint and we are going to do the same as last year. I’m very excited to see what the girls create. It is time to fill the blank canvas on our wall.

The family canvas challenge inspired by Art Pantry.


To set the stage, it’s best to designate a table that can stay set up for this activity over the entire span of the project. I put our playroom table in the kitchen, covered in a table cover from the Dollar Store, and gave her a old rag to use to clean. On the first day, I simply gave her 4 colors of paint and several paint brushes. We talked about what different brush strokes look like, how dark colors layer better over light colors, and tried to cover all the blank space. We also discussed some ideas for different mediums of art and how art can take a long time to create and the importance of patience. I explained that our project would take several days to complete and will hang on our wall forever.

Day 2 done.

DAY 2: Paint Pens

Lady A could not wait to see what medium she got to use on the 2nd day. In the morning she woke to see Paint Pens on the table. She knew she isn’t allowed to use sharpies so was a little hesitant at first but got really excited when I told her they were for her to use. She doodle words she knew how to write and even let Little Sis help scribble on her art too.

Day 3 Canvas Art Challenge -


On the 3rd day I gave Lady A a few pages from one of our favorite coloring books, scissors, and Mod Podge to cut and stick on our canvas. Her little hands had a hard time cutting on the line. She needed a little more help this day to cut everything but did a good job laying it out.

Day 4: Chalk

I forgot to capture this day. After the Mod Podge dried, the girls used chalk to color on the paper. It doesn’t show up very well but was a fun medium for them to use. They were mind blown when I said they could use it somewhere other than the sidewalk.

And that is how we went on a journey from a blank canvas to one of my favorite pieces of art hanging on the walls of my home. Will you try out this project? I would love to see what your little create.