Halloween Monster Cookies & Spooky Kid's Stories

Monster Cookies- www.ChefShayna.com

The girls had a sleepover this weekend. Not just any sleepover, their first sleepover. I went into hyper mom mode to make sure it was extra special. Some of my friends warned I’m setting the bar too high for next time but I argue that the first time is most special. We had an action packed afternoon filled with cooking, crafts, dress up, and movies. Alexandria’s friend requested we do a “cooking video” so had a blast baking and pretending to be "Chef Shayna" while filming. I had so much fun watching them interact. I wish I could bottle the sound of their giggles and feeling of excitment.

It just so happened that one of my besties also came to town for the night, so my husband decided to make an exit for the evening as the girls took over the house. This definitely added to the little girls excitement. Some nights girls just wanna have a fun night in! Enjoy watching the video and recipe below!

Monster Cookies

1/2 cup butter, softened
1/2 tsp Vanilla
8 oz Sour Cream
1 egg
1 box Vanilla Cake Mix
Food Coloring
Powdered Sugar for decorating
Candy Eyes

1. Cream butter, vanilla, sour cream and egg until well blended. Stir in the Cake Mix until combined. 
2. Divide the batter into smaller bowls (we used 3 bowls). Use 1-2 drop food coloring to die each batter a different color. Let the dyed dough chill in freezer for 20 minutes.
3. Roll into golf ball size spheres. Roll in powdered sugar and place on lined baking sheet. Gently pat down. Add candy eyeballs and bake for 10-12 minutes at 350º.

Great Halloween Books for kids- www.ChefShayna.com

Every month we get a new batch of Halloween books from the girls' Uncle. He is kind enough to research the newest and best books, request them from the library, check them out and bring them to us. This month he found some pretty great books. One of our favorites is Zip! Zoom! On a Broom! It is a wonderful counting book but instead of counting from 1-10 it let's kiddos practice counting backwards from 10-1. We love the rhymes and beautiful illustrations. The other favorite is Creepy Pair of Underwear. A great book about being a big kid who is not scared of the dark. 

We have already enjoyed a little Halloween dress up fun. Caroline got to dress up for dance practice and the hubby and I enjoyed an evening out sporting the most comfortable costume to date. A sweet friend let us borrow his and hers matching track suits (thank you again) and we took it back to old school style as Run DMC. My daughter asked, "Are you going as joggers?" So while she didn't quite appreciate our get up, it was an overall success. 

As for tonight... I'll be pulling out the glue gun to finish up the kiddos Halloween costumes. Nothing like the last minute. EEEK.