Skincare routine: Why I use Beautycounter

This summer I embarked on a journey to eat clean. I detoxed my diet of sugar, gluten & diary. While I have always considered myself a healthy eater, I wanted to see what would happen if I made a strict point to leave these ingredients out of my diet. I have to say I loved the positive changes that occurred. Since this post isn't about that, I quickly say it did shrink my waistline (great for a time I couldn't work out as much I was I would like) and I felt much better with more energy, less aches & cramps.

This book has a lot of great recipes and ingredient ideas!

This book has a lot of great recipes and ingredient ideas!

I was researching and planning my meals for the upcoming 21 day cleanse during my trip to Charleston, SC this Summer. My cousin, who I was visiting, pointed out that since I am focusing on my health I should consider not only what I am putting in my body but also what I am putting ON my body since our skin is our largest organ. I of course thought I was rather conservative in this area as I tried to use "natural" products on myself and my daughters. As I began to research further, I realized that I was falling short in this area. Face products I use during pregnancy were both a hormone inhibitor and a carcinogen and the sunscreen I was using on my girls, that I thought was natural, is in fact filled with harmful ingredients. Have you seen the Environmental Working Group's skin deep website where you can check the products you use for safety? They also have an app that makes it easy to check from your phone.

I had no clue that the FDA has not passed any significant regulation affecting beauty products since 1938 and that the EU bans 1400 ingredients from being used in products, but the US only 11! This was alarming & maddening. Just like with food, and healthy eating, I think we need to be our own advocates and know what we are consuming. Unfortunately regulations are always looking out for consumers best interests but rather big industries. 

When my cousin let me use her Beautycounter products, I fell in love. First, the packaging is simple, sophisticated, and beautiful. I started using the sunscreen on my daughters and it is effective. Not only does it go on nicely, bye bye white ghost skin, but it also smells good and works! My girls actually look forward to using the face stick to "put on their makeup." Then I started using the kids body care line- the shampoo, conditioner, & body wash. With other natural companies I've used, the soap and shampoo doesn't lather. With Beautycounter the shampoo still lathers so you can make silly hair do's in the bath. 

Rub a dub dub, my girls in the tub

Rub a dub dub, my girls in the tub

When I realized how much I loved the products for my girls, I decided to try out the Nourishing face line for myself. I have to say I really saw a difference. I think the combination of giving up Sugar along with detoxifying my skin care products really made a difference. I used the charcoal soap & mask and it really helped clean out my pours. I now, cannot live without my Balancing Face Oil. I swear it is a magic potion that leaves my skin so soft and supple. It helps to battle adult acne which is something I have sadly struggled with since my 20's. Over the summer people stopped me to say how they could see a difference in my skin and asked what I have been doing.

I have wanted a natural makeup especially since I am still nursing and know that my products are transferred to the baby every day. I was skeptical of the makeup because I have tried other natural makeup lines without any luck. I used Juice Beauty earlier in the Spring and loved the application and feel but came home after work and it had oxidized and separated on my skin- yikes, embarrassing. I have had a lot of luck with the Beautycounter's Tint Skin collection. I wear it in Sand along with the Light concealer pen for covering my sleepless nights that appear under my eyes daily. I put it on in the morning and it is perfect coverage for my day to day.

I love Beautycounter's mission. The CEO, Gregg Renfrew is a total #bossbabe looking to make a huge impact. Her goal is to educate and get safer products into the hands of everyone. Beautycounter is a direct sales company and the reason being is because they really believe in education, an element that gets lost when sold in big box stores like Sephora & Ulta. They have a "never list" of ingredients that they refuse to use in their products and believe in strict self regulation. I particularly love this because it makes it easier on a busy mom like me. I don't have to research each product and run all over town, or the internet, to purchase each item. It takes the guesswork out of it for me and I appreciate that.

I support the company mostly because of my girls. I want a safer future for them. The rate of cancer, ADHD, allergies, & infertility is on the rise. I am not a scientist but have done enough research to know the products we use are linked to & have negative implications on our health. I can't be perfect, but I try to create a safer, non-toxic environment for my girls.

Beautycounter partnered with Target and launched a time capsule collection in stores this week. The products offered are a sampling of the most popular items allowing everyone to give it a try. I of course took my girls to Target this morning to check it out and purchased a few of the makeup sampling sets.

Enter to win 1 of my favorite products.. Comment below on how many beauty care products you use in a day and what Beautycounter product you may want to try? Winner will be announced Wednesday!