Workout Wednesday: In home circuit workout

I grew up a competitive gymnast so was very used to spending a lot of time at the gym. In fact that is where most of my time was spent. After quitting gymnastics in middle school, I continued on to dance and cheer to remain active. I am writing this while watching the US gymnastics team compete in Rio and it brings back a nostalgic feeling. Now, as a parent it is very interesting to watch the perspective of the parents in the stands. Sorry mom for all the gray hair I must have given you. 

In my adulthood I have tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle and get in a workout a few times a week. Sometimes I have been more successful than others. Four years ago after the birth of my oldest I did not work out much at all as I was wrapped up with being a first time mommy. Last year with the pregnancy and birth of my youngest, I decided it was crucial for me to have "me time" and get in an hour workout a few times a week. But as life ebbs and flows I still find it a challenge to get in a daily or weekly workout.

My brother, who some of you may know as "Chef Sam," since he has worked at Young Chefs Academy for the past 5 years, has taken certification courses and is now a certified personal trainer specializing in Spartan racing and obstacle course training. He is working in the Central Valley both in home and in gyms to help invidiuals and family get moving and get fit.

He came over to give me a weekly exercise routine that I can do at home, in my living room and ideally during nap time. As you can see in the video nap time was cut short so baby C "worked out" with me. These exercises are intended to use your body weight so no special equipment is needed, just you, a empty floor space and maybe some good tunes.

Week 1: 3 circuits -Repeat circuit 3x each
Circuit# 1
Jumping Jacks- 30 secs
Squats- 15 total
Leg raises 15- A baby laying on top of you is added bonus.

Circuit #2
Single leg deadlift- 10 each leg (no weight) (1st pic in the series below)
Push up- 15 total (modified if needed)
Reverse lunge- 20 total (not pictured below- lunge backward with 1 leg, keeping body upright, repeat on other leg)

Circuit #3
Side bridge- 10 each side
Russian twist- 20 total (no weight)- Thank you Caroline for making this harder
Mountain Climber- 3o seconds