Thanksgiving Entertaining- setting a festive table

When hosting family & friends for Thanksgiving, I like to plan in advance. Since our family is growing with our kiddos no longer little babies sleeping under the table and an engagement this past Summer we will be hosting more people. I reached out to Expo Party Rentals to get a few items to complete my Thanksgiving table.


When decorating a table there are a few key elements I always rely on.

1. Neutral Base- When my husband I got married we purchased a set of white "caterers" plates from Pottery Barn. The white plates are a great neutral allowing me to change the color of my table arrangements for each holiday. I also made sure to get plain white rather than anything with  print. That way I can bring in other elements for color and design.

Today I also used a neutral linen runner to set a good foundation to build my design on.

2. Color Pop- For Thanksgiving I decided that I would use Gold as my pop of color. I rented beautiful Gold Chargers and flatware from Expo Party Rentals to help complete this look. Gold flatware are definitely in style this season but rather than investing in a set of my own and having to worry about storing them, I decided to rent them. I also scattered gold leaves throughout the center of the table.

3. Element of Nature: I usually try to tie in an element of nature in my tables capes. Since our Pomegranate tree is bursting with beautiful fruit, I thought it would be a perfect decoration. I placed a pomegranate at each table setting with a name tag as a little gift for each guest. I used the green branches to decorate the center of the table. I placed a long wooden container with white pumpkins lined down the center of the table.

4. Texture: Try to incorporate some softer texture into your table to bring warmth to your presentation. I sandwiched a brown napkin between the dinner plate & salad plate. I also rented the napkins. Again this help with storage and bonus is you do not have to launder them making it easier to change out colors each season.

At the center of my table I placed an empty wood tree along with little leaves. Each person will be asked to write what they are thankful and attach it to the tree.

Last year, I focused on the children's table setting. To create a fun child's table I first layed down kraft paper. This created a place for the kiddos to color on. I also wrote, "I am Thankful for..." to start the conversation about being thankful. Colored pencils were put in an empty pumpkin and provided great entertainment while the adults ate. Each kiddo also had a rice krispy turkey body with empty toothpicks sticking out the back and a bowl of colorful O cereal to thread on to complete the turkey body.

There are so many things to be thankful for. Every day I try to take a few moments to start my day with gratitude and every evening we share something we are grateful for as we sit down for dinner. This time of year it is a great opportunity to start the conversation with extended family & guests.

I am very thankful for my family. My loving husband, who encourages & supports me in all of my endeavors and for my 2 girls, that are teaching me that the most important job of all is being a mom and the lessons I am learning from that.