Halloween with a healthier twist

Halloween is a favorite memory from childhood. My mom is known for going BIG for most holidays but Halloween was always the best. One year, my entire family dressed up as the Wizard of Oz, even my parents dressed up and continued the theme on into their own adult party. My mom had a serious tin man costume and my dad bobby pinned on a lion's wig. I remember at the age of 5 being so concerned that my dad was stapling hair onto his head & begged him not to hurt himself. My parents could have stepped on stage of a musical because their costumes were legit. 
One year my parents and their friends went to a costume party as Fruit of the Loom. Each wearing a different fruit costume tied together my 'tighty whities.' My mom pinned purple balloons around her entire body because she was the craziest of the bunch and had to be the grapes.

It's hard to choose which was my favorite costume but 2 stick out in particular. In grade school, I dressed as a picnic table- a costume I hope to recreate for my daughter in a few years. As a freshman in high school, I went to a party dressed as an old man. I think my mom was so happy that I was fully clothed and had wrinkles drawn on my face.

I have big shoes to fill to make holidays special but I hope to carry on the tradition for my kiddos.  Now that I'm a parent I see it from a new perspective. As a parent, it's our job to equip our kiddos with the ability to make smart decisions about food. I do not think we need to hide the candy & withhold the sugar to make that work. I want to make all food fun for my kiddos. My goal is to teach them about all foods, including the good, the bad, the ugly. I want my daughter to know what is good for her health & what is not and to be able to decide what she will eat. She is already good about self regulating. She eats a healthy snack before her "treat." One day, when my husband was out of town, I wanted to take her to get donuts for breakfast but she would not allow me to do so because she Dad promised to take her to get ice cream when he got home that evening.

Here are a few ideas for your kiddos parties:

Most classrooms host a Halloween party and ask parents to send a treat to pass out to the classroom. This year we stuck with a witch theme and made witches brooms with supplies from the Dollar Store. 

Witches Broom:

  • Sandwich Bags
  • Pencils
  • 2 bags pretzel sticks
  • Ribbon

Cut off the zip part of sandwich bag to remove about 1.5 inch off the top. Fill each bag with 20 pretzels, lining them up along the bottom. Place a pencil at the half way point over the pretzels. Fold the extra bag in, over the pretzels. Then rolls the pretzels around the pencil & gather in one hand. Tie with ribbon and viola- a Broom

For bonus points, pair with the cauldron veggies snacks & send to school with a copy of Room on the Broom for the teacher to read outlaid. Throw in a Dollar Store Witches hat for her to wear while reading the class.

For the school costume parade my oldest daughter wanted to be a Fairy and my youngest wanted to follow in her foot steps. We already owned most of the costume pieces, we did pick up a pair of special fairy wings & face paint from Party City to complete her look. She wore a purple tutu (not pictured because we didn't take a picture before she had to change)
We almost have all the pieces for our family Halloween costume ready... can you guess what we are going to be?!... Stay tuned for more Halloween fun!