S'mores Pie

It is almost Summer and for some reason I always get nostalgic when the Season changes. I love end of year celebrations, the way the sprinklers smell, longer days, and having time to relax. This Summer I am looking forward to working a little less and spending much more time having fun with my girls. Since we will not enjoy as many camping trips I decided to bring the S'mores indoors with this fun Pie.

There are a few steps to making this delicious pie so bare with me. I promise it will be worth it when you sink you mouth into the crunchy Graham cracker crust topped with decadent chocolate pudding and finished with a light and airy Marshmallow meringue.

Graham Cracker Crust- ChefShayna.com

The Graham Cracker Crust is simple to whip together. Do you know that Nabisco sells a box of Graham Cracker crumbs?! I'm sure they have been for years but I always have made my own or have the children in class crunch them that I neglected to pay attention to this little short cut. If you want to give your kiddos a job, put the graham cracker squares into a ziplock bag and let them go to town smashing them up! Please notice my husband's hand in the pic… he so nicely helped me make the crust (#leanin)! I tested this recipe out on friends during a Memorial Day party- risky move but it was a crowd pleaser.

Making Chocolate Pudding from Scratch- ChefShayna.com

Next make your Chocolate Pudding and give yourself plenty of time to let it cool in the fridge. Do not be embarrassed to use JELL-O instant pudding, it will cut down on time and still taste yummy! I tested a recipe with egg yolks and without and they were both good.  Testing this pie recipe was a family affair. My daughter loved spreading the pudding onto the crust.

Marshmallow Meringue Ingredients for S'mores Pie- ChefShayna.com

Making Meringue can be intimidating but I promise you can do it. The key is to make sure you are using a clean bowl (you do not want any oil residue), make sure that when you crack the eggs absolutely NO YOLK makes it into your bowl, and the rest is easy peasy. It is best to use this Superfine Quick Dissolve Sugar but do not stress if you only have granulated sugar- it will work too.

Marshmallow Meringue for S'more Pie- ChefShayna.com

When making the meringue, make a double broiler and whisk together the eggs, sugar, salt and cream of tartar. Unless you are using Pastuerized egg whites it is a good idea to bring the temperature to 145 degrees (test it with a candy thermometer). Then beat the mixture on low until frothy bubbles form. Then add in the Marshmallow creme and beat on Medium/high until stiff white peaks form.

Layer the cooled pudding onto the crust and top with the meringue.. Create any texture design on top that you like. Now the fun part… Torch it! This is more fun than roasting a marshmallow around a camp fire. I definitely recommend purchasing a kitchen torch but you do not have to have one. You can simply put the pie in the oven on broiler for 3-5 minutes until browned. Drizzle with melted dark chocolate and garnish with Graham cracker and Hershey's Candy bar.

S'mores Pie. A perfect Summer dessert to bring to any social gathering- ChefShayna.com

Graham Cracker Crust 

  • 1.5 cups Graham Cracker Crumbs

  • 1/3 cup butter (melted)

  • 1 TB Brown Sugar

  • Dash Salt

Chocolate Pudding (option to use Jell-O instant pudding)

  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder

  • 1/2 cup sugar

  • 1/4 cup flour

  • 1/4 tsp salt

  • 2 TB cornstarch

  • 3 cups milk

  • 5 sections of milk chocolate Hershey's bar

  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla

  • 1 TB Butter

Marshmallow Meringue

  • 4 egg whites

  • 1/2 cup Fine Granulated Sugar

  • Dash of salt

  • pinch of cream of tartar

  • 1 cup Marshmallow creme


1. Prepare Graham Cracker Crust:

In a medium bowl stir together crumbs, brown sugar and salt. Melt Butter and combine with dry ingredients until the crumbs are fully covered and have a sand like consistency. Pour into a 9" pie dish and pat into an even layer along bottom and the side. Bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes. Remove and let cool completely.

2. Chocolate Pudding:

In a saucepan mix together first 5 ingredients,with 1 cup of milk and bring to a simmer. Add in chocolate bar and slowly stir in remaining milk, maintaining a simmer and constantly whisk for several minutes. The mixture should thicken. Remove from heat and stir in butter and vanilla. Transfer to a bowl, cover with saran wrap, and place in refrigerator to cool.

3. Marshmallow Meringue

In a haat tolerant bowl (preferably a stand mixer bowl) stir together egg, sugar, salt and cream of tartar, place the bowl over a pot of boiling water (creating a double broiler). Whisk together until the sugar dissolves and the temperature reaches 145 degrees. Remove from the heat and beat on slow until foamy. Add in Marshmallow cream and beat on med/high until glossy, stiff peaks form. This will take several minutes.

Make the Pie:

Layer cooled pudding into Graham Cracker Crust, spreading until even. Spoon the Meringue topping onto the pudding layer, sealing any gaps to the crust. Using the back of a spoon create texture in the meringue. With a kitchen torch brown the meringue or put in oven on broil for 3 minutes or until browned.

Back in the kitchen with my 3 week old.

Back in the kitchen with my 3 week old.