I scream, You Scream, We all scream for Ice Cream...

Tutorial for Easy to make Ice Cream!

Summer has officially arrived.  This Homemade Ice Cream recipe is not only a fun activity to keep the kiddos occupied for an hour or so but is also a tasty treat to help beat the heat! A double win in my book.

I like making my own ice cream because I know exactly what goes in it. No extra preservatives or ingredients I can't pronounce. While you can use an Ice Cream Maker Machine that you can pick up for $20, I like to use some man power (and burn some of the kiddo's energy off) to make this recipe.

The best part, it only calls for 3 ingredients.

Milk- I like to use Whole milk… my favorite is Rosa Brother's, from a dairy here in the Central Valley. 

Sugar- Sugar is a rare treat in my house but it has it's place once in a while. The recipe calls for 2 Tablespoons of Sugar but if your kids do not know the difference, like my daughter, you can get away with not adding any or just using 1 TB. You can also replace it with your favorite sweetener.

Vanilla- You can buy a Vanilla bean and use that- or to keep it simple, sweetie, just add 1 teaspoon of Vanilla extract.

The fun part about this recipe is letting the kids MAKE it! You will add the 3 ingredients to a quart size Zip-lock bag and make sure it is completely sealed.

Next, the ice cream magic… Fill a Gallon Size Zip-lock half way full with Ice and Add 1/2 Cup of Ice Cream Salt and mix it together. Place the filled quart bag in the Gallon Bag and seal. You can wrap this in a dish towel to prevent leaking water from splashing and help keep the fingers from freezing too.

Now it's time to Shake it… Queue the music… "Shake, shake, shake Señora," "Shake it Up," "Harlem Shake,"… whatever will get you grooving and shaking the bags. You can even make a game out of it. After 5-10 minutes the ice cream will start to take form. I like to place it in the freezer for another 10 minutes to really solidify while I clean up and prepare the Toppings.

When it is time to serve, remove the bag from the ice. Rinse it with cold water so it doesn't taste like salt. I like to snip the corner of the bag and pipe the ice cream out, like soft serve.

Add on your favorite Toppings and Enjoy!!