Decorative Table Arrangement

Do you think Easter eggs are only for rewarding the kiddos who finds the eggs? Think again...

This craft will quickly liven up your dining room experience! It is so simple, you can pass the chore to your child to occupy their time as your prepare for your guests.

You will need:

  • Large jar or vase
  • Thin cylindrical vase
  • 3 bunches of flowers (artificial or real)
  • Easter eggs (mini or regular)
  • Optional: spray paint


  1. Optional Step: Spray paint plastic eggs. I loved the look of gold spray painted eggs (pictured).
  2. Set the small vase into the large vase.
  3. Fill the outer vase with eggs (more than three colors can make it look too busy).
  4. Add water to the inner vase & fill with flowers.

You and your guests will enjoy this aesthetically crafted flower arrangement.