DIY Valentine's Day Projects

With Valentine's Day around the corner, spend some time making a fun & easy craft at home with your family. I created 3 easy food crafts that are inexpensive & quick to make. These projects were featured on Fresno's ABC30 morning news program. Check out the Video below.

ABC 30 Valentine's Day Projects.jpg

1. Valentine's Day Lollipops

I loved using leftover Mini Candy Canes from Christmas for this one. Place 2 Candy canes on a piece of Wax Paper in the shape of a heart. Add a lollipop stick or paper straw. Melt Candy Melts or White Chocolate in a Freezer Ziplock Bag for 1 minute. Carefully squish the contents to mix it together and make sure it is melted. Cut the bottom corner of the bag and Pipe the Candy into the candy cane heart. Before the chocolate dries add on Sprinkles and let set for 10 minutes. Enjoy!


2. Mini Gum ball Machine

One of my favorite things to do is find new ways to use old things. For this project I used clear ornaments I had in my Christmas storage bins. If you do not have extra ornaments lying around, you can purchase them here or at a craft store, such as Hobby Lobby. Plastic ornaments would be best for this craft. 

1. Fill the ornament with Mini Gumballs. You can any type of candy: Conversation hearts, M &M's.

2. Cut a whole in the bottom of a Paper Cup. I used pink cups from the Dollar Store.  I attached a cute Design that I found on a great blog: I Heart Naptime. You can also have your child decorate a blank envelope sticker to decorate the front of the cup.

3. Set the Ornament on the top of the cup

This is a great Teacher's Gift!

vday gumball machine .jpg

Check out the How To's on the short video Clip below: